Vantage Medical Group is pleased to offer the ability to submit electronic claims and exchange healthcare information in a safe, secure, and cost-effective way.

Advantages of Electronic Claims

Earlier payment of electronic claims: Claims submitted electronically tend to get paid earlier than paper claims.

Lower administrative, postage, and handling costs: Claims submitted electronically reduce postage and other paper-related expenses.

Earlier detection of errors: Healthcare information submitted electronically benefits from earlier detection of errors and increases the likelihood of claims being processed and paid in a timely manner.

Electronic Claims Submission:

  • Office Ally Payor ID: PPM01
  • Change Health Care Payor ID: 54823

To check the status of authorization or claim, CLICK HERE.

Paper Claims Submission:

Vantage Medical Group
Attn: Claims Dept
P.O. Box 77190
Corona, CA 92881

Provider Dispute Resolution Submission:

Vantage Medical Group
Attn: PDR
2115 Compton Avenue Suite 300
Corona, CA 92881

Customer Service Number:

(951) 280-7700
(855) 257-9964 (toll-free)