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Provider Portal: A web-based HIPAA compliant application that enables secure data transactions to and from network providers. Features include:

Office Ally:  We have partnered with Office Ally to bring all of your claim and encounter services online! At no charge, Office Ally will enable you to submit all of your claims and encounters electronically. Office Ally provides onsite training, and will have your staff efficiently utilizing this dynamic tool at no cost to you. By submitting electronically, your productivity will be increased, the need to call will be eliminated, and you will be afforded increased oversight of claims and encounter submissions. To find out more about Office Ally, and for specific payor ID information, please click here and look in our Claim and Encounter Submissions site

Eligibility Look-Up:  Providers may view a member's eligibility, and Primary Care Physician (PCP) assignment. E-Lists are available in a report format, enabling users to sort and analyze reports.

Authorization:  Allows network providers access to the network, based upon assigned permissions, to submit and look up authorization requests. Requests for services are then submitted through a streamlined interface and may receive an automatic approval based upon predefined, customized business rules.

Claims and Encounters Submissions:  We provide an online portal, Provider Portal, for claims and Provider Dispute Resolution (PDR) status inquiry.

Provider Look-Up:  View a roster of all participating providers.



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